Aquaculture and net-tying part

There are the general cage net, like hope net, chemical fiber net, metal net. By virtue of durability and performance, the hope net is the best one.

FISH FARM is equipment that important enough to reduce the mental stress of pisciculture to protect fish. It not only decided the volume, but also protected the fish out of attack.

So, it is vital to take consideration of the function of fish pond, durability of net and intention.


Three main types of FISH FARM

Hope net PET NET, more durability, not easy to break and perform perfect in composing net.
Chemical fiber net Soft and easy to use, free to choose the grid size, but easy to be blew away and be broke. Once it broke down, the breakage would spread continuously.
Metal net Good texture, well in composing net, but easy to be corroded that leading to break.

This innovative net is made of UV stabilised PET monofilaments, woven into a double twisted hexagonal mesh, with specific and unique characteristics. Net pens fabricated from Hope Net provide optimum conditions for the growth of many fish species, in addition to reducing the whole life costs of the net enclosure.



1. Highly resistant to predators attacks - only a single net

    is required.
2. Provides enhanced escape prevention - even if damaged.
3. Significantly reduces biofouling.
4. Requires up to 3x less cleaning than traditional polymer net pens.
5. It hardly unravel or unzip - even if damaged.
6. Semi-rigid barely deformable structure - withstands ocean forces ..

The “waterline” around the uppermost edge of the net pen is fabricated to enable simple and rapid assembly with various models of floating cage collars. Jump net can be supplied pre-assembled if required.



The “Bottom Line” around the lowermost edge of the net pen also enables efficient anchoring with sinker tube. Deformation is reduced and the risk of tearing is minimised due to the inherent semi-rigid structure and high tensile strength of the net.

Standard net pens can be delivered fully assembled thereby reducing on-site operations whether on or off-shore.
Hope Net net pens are lightweight, robust, strong and highly resistant to mechanical damage during installation, relocation, cleaning and fish harvesting
The surface of the PET monofilaments is very smooth, enabling the mesh to resist


A variety of standard net pens are available, but they can be customised to suit your site, species and dimensional requirements. The dimensions may change, but the quality is always high!
The net pen can include:
Customised shapes
Customised dimensions
Jump net
Bird net
Delivered pre-assembled

The “Waterline” of the net pen is designed for simple assembly with a floating cage collar.
The “Bottom Line” is designed for simple attachment of sinker tube.
Accurate finishing, attention to construction details, stringent QA&QC, safe, strong and robust construction.

Net-tied Method

The stronger anchor and tension are necessary to tie the aquaculture net.

Actually,anchors were made of concrete block. We divided the area with rope and buoy.


Main Net-Tied Method
Sunken style Need a certain depth
Swing style Use a standpoint to tie the net to reduce the confrontation of strong wind and ocean current


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