Fishnet Frame




Steel-Pipe Frame, HDPE Frame and others.

Fishnet frames are not only used to construct the fishnets, but also supported the working progress. The basic model is steel-pipe frame. Due to the non-buoyant frames, steel-pipe frame needs to be matched with buoy. So the steel-pipe frame is high DOF in design.

It also has various shapes, such as square, round, polygon and so on. But it has a weakness,the corrosion problem. In order to relieve the corrosion, we have to galvanize anti-rust treatment. Generally, it could be used in 4 to 7years.

Our company also sales the HDPE net. And it doesn’t need buoys.The net size and buoyancy decide the pipe’s diameter. And this net without metal is semi permanent. 

Besides, it cuts cost and equip with other devices.

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