Fish Farm

Aquaculture and net-tying part
There are the general cage net, like hope net, chemical fiber net, metal net. By virtue of durability and performance, the hope net is the best one.
FISH FARM is equipment that important enough to reduce the mental stress of pisciculture to protect fish. It not only decided the volume, but also protected the fish out of attack.
So, it is vital to take consideration of the function of fish pond, durability of net and intention. 


Three main types of FISH FARM

Hope net PET NET, more durability, not easy to break and perform perfect in composing net.
Chemical fiber net Soft and easy to use, free to choose the grid size, but easy to be blew away and be broke. Once it broke down, the breakage would spread continuously.
Metal net Good texture, well in composing net, but easy to be corroded that leading to break.

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